Siemens Energy is spending €120 million to extract renewable hydrogen from the offshore wind power

Siemens Energy is spending €120 million to extract renewable hydrogen from the offshore wind power

In a 5-year project to unleash the ability to harness green hydrogen from offshore wind energy, Siemens Energy and Siemens Gamesa today announced intentions to spend €120m. As a synchronized system, the businesses are working on a solution to incorporate an electrolyzer into the offshore wind turbine to generate green hydrogen directly. With a commitment to launching a full-scale offshore project by the year 2025/26, Siemens Gamesa will spend €80m and Siemens Energy €40m on the program over the next five years. The joint effort helps to hold together brilliant minds as well as cutting-edge technologies to tackle the climate change problem,” stated Siemens Gamesa CEO Andreas Nauen.

“In the carbon reduction of the worldwide energy system the wind turbines play an enormous role, as well as the capacity of the wind to the hydrogen, implies we can do it for industries that are difficult to degrade, too.” Christian Bruch, chief executive of Siemens Energy, stated that the two firms “are in a remarkable place to build this solution that change the game. “We are the corporation who will take advantage of its highly scalable electrolyzer technologies to develop and redefine the potential of sustainable development of offshore oil. The capacity of regions with ample offshore wind would become open to the hydrogen economy with any of these technologies. It is an outstanding example of allowing us to store and move wind power, hence lowering the economy’s carbon footprint.

In today’s release, Siemens Gamesa clarified that the SG14-222 DD offshore turbine development would be tailored to integrating the electrolysis system. Simultaneously, the Siemens Energy will create a revolutionary electrolysis product designed to sustain severe maritime, offshore situations. Together, both businesses say that these initiatives would “build a modern green hydrogen competitive benchmark.” The industries assume that by being able to operate off-grid, setting up even more better wind locations, the approach would reduce the cost of hydrogen.

The projects are part of an H2Mare program. This lighthouse scheme is likely to be funded by the “Hydrogen Republic of Germany” initiative from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Underneath the consortium leadership of Siemens Energy, the H2mare initiative is a modular project composed of many sub-projects to which over 30 collaborators from the sector, institutes, as well as academia participate. Through their innovations in distinct modular building blocks, Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy will contribute to the H2Mare project.

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