WA Liberals planning to phase out coal, replacing it with the $400 million renewable energy jobs plan

WA Liberals planning to phase out coal, replacing it with the $400 million renewable energy jobs plan

The opposition leader Zak Kirkup has unveiled a $400 million jobs plan that will substitute coal energy with renewables like hydrogen power. This plan entails a $9 billion renewable energy strategy that would invoke the production of wind, solar, and hydrogen energy. The plan’s success will sustain the steel industry and create jobs for the people in the state.

The underlying plan was to target zero-emissions from the state before the end of this decade in both the transportation and electricity production sectors. Moreover, the Liberals will activate the procession of the 1500-megawatt wind and solar power projects in the next four years by exploring the $500 million transmission line development starting from Three Springs to Geraldton. These projects would be aligning the state for net-zero emissions while integrating the South West Interconnected System.

The plan articulates the shutdown of coal-fired power plants in the next four years. The $100 million was pumped into the Collie Training and Transition project, transferring the coal workforce into the new renewable energy projects. Mr. Kurkup explained that his proposal would not interfere with the private industry but would inform the creation of long-term employment opportunities in clean energy plants by the government, revive the economy and establish a reliable energy network that provides affordable power to homes and businesses.

The Liberals would now focus on the $9 billion energy project with the private sector, which would create 250000 tonnes of hydrogen. Kirkup noted that Andrew Forrest’s advocacy for green hydrogen is enough evidence that the project can produce $12 trillion in the next three decades. Kirkup emphasized that the project would ensure that the state leadership plays an exemplary role in the deviation away from emissions.

Kirkup explained that their plan would inform companies’ motivation to design their projects around green energy provided they are convinced. He added that the project would take up $16 billion from both the public and private capital ventures adding to the appropriated $400 million from the state government.

The project’s implementation will ensure that Australia changes its history by becoming a hub for wind energy, solar energy, and mega energy storage technology for the next five decades. Another plan in Kirkup’s mind is the establishment of a Zero Emissions Taskforce to monitor the development of similar clean energy projects in WA. The opposition leader explained that this plan would enable the country to survive the coronavirus pandemic’s aftermath.