Thoughts on how the Buy America could have an impact on the transition to Electric Vehicles

Thoughts on how the Buy America could have an impact on the transition to Electric Vehicles

If there is one thing President Joe Biden’s administration has been consistent in is advocating for a clean environment. So far, he has signed an executive order about federal agencies having to be the greatest supporter of the Buy American Campaign. The campaign has to do with everything and not just electric vehicles. However, he also went ahead to give his opinion regarding the best option once replacing the federal fleet happens. The American federal government fleet has about 645,000 vehicles. President Biden believes it is high time they were replaced with the electric ones since they use clean energy good for the environment. He also added that the vehicles to replace them would be made in the United States and its workforce.

What would it mean if every municipality, state and federal, shift to alternative vehicles and renewable energy sources? There are high chances it would make a big statement of the government’s seriousness regarding the transition to clean energy. Equally important, the demand would go high, leading to a decrease in the price of EVs. The cost of production would also go up, making it easy to do mass production. Consequently, other customers, including various fleets, would go for them too.

If transport by busses were to become exclusively electric, that would set a perfect example for other sectors. For instance, it would be a clear indication of the possibility of replicating that in trucking. After all, other than the fact that busses carry passengers whereas trucks carry cargo, they are so similar when it comes to technology and purpose. They both have to cover long routes the entire day, and if one is possible, then it goes without saying that the other scenario is also likely.

When it is Buy American or Clean transport, businesses don’t have the mandate of buying American goods or shifting to clean energy like it is the case for the government. However, if the federal sector were to achieve that, it wouldn’t be a wonder seeing the private sector following in the same footsteps. After all, there are high chances that once electric vehicles on roads increase due to the replaced federal fleet, the charging infrastructure will also improve. Additionally, the prices will go down, and those things could encourage people to consider them as better alternatives to traditional cars.

Equally important, the federal government embracing electric vehicles could see municipalities and states follow suit. Interestingly, states are already offering fleets grants to transition to clean cars. It is high time they used the money to replace their fleets first.