Electric vehicle quick charging will be available through major travel corridors thanks to Georgia Power

Electric vehicle quick charging will be available through major travel corridors thanks to Georgia Power

Georgia Power is devoted to assisting consumers with access to safe and effective charging solutions as the number of the electric vehicles (EVs) on Georgia roads grows every day. Southern Company, the utility’s corporate parent, revealed today that it will join other companies across the South, Central Plains, Midwest, Gulf Coast, and mid-Atlantic in a structured network of the Direct Current (DC) Fast Chargers to allow EV drivers to travel seamlessly. The “Electric Highway Coalition” reflects an unparalleled degree of collaboration to expand charging facilities along main highway routes from Texas to Washington, D.C., and make environmentally sustainable vehicle options more accessible to drivers.

“As the sixth biggest market for electric vehicle fast-charging in the nation, Georgia Power is committed to expanding EV infrastructure across the state and expanding access to customers who want to drive electric,” stated Nicole Faulk, who serves as the senior vice president of consumer and corporate services. “As Southern Company’s biggest subsidiary, our contribution plays a critical role in the growing adoption of electric vehicles and the connectivity of communities across Georgia as well as the United States.”

With the support of the Georgia Public Service Commission, the firm has built 49 DC quick chargers across the state and plans to invest $6 million in the fast-charging infrastructure over the next three years. The installation is the latest in EV quick charger technology, with charging speeds of a maximum of 125kW – hitting 100 miles in twelve minutes – dual dispensers, as well as power-sharing features to increase the number of ports that can be implemented while still receiving a good charge.

Also, at the Pivet Atlanta facility close to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the firm has collaborated with Cox Automotive Mobility to establish one of the biggest single EV charging installations that are in the southeast. Georgia Power also partners with Electrify America, Tesla, as well as the EVgo Fast Charging Network to have 24 charging stalls. These investments would help to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and the interconnection of communities around the country.

Georgia Power revealed last year that it would electrify a portion of its automobile fleet as a component of Southern Company’s strategy to convert half of its system fleet vehicles in the auto/SUV/minivan, forklift, as well as ATV/cart/miscellaneous divisions to electric by the year 2030. The firm’s dedication to increasing zero-emission electric vehicles as well as sustainable transportation alternatives is part of a broader emphasis on the electrification of the transportation sector.

EVs continue to improve in range, performance, and features, with most main manufacturers now offering them. Furthermore, EVs support the atmosphere by emitting zero direct emissions, which improves air quality in the urban areas, has a reduced cost of ownership than gasoline vehicles, and fosters local employment due to their domestic energy source.