GoodWE makes a 100 MW supply deal with the GS Global

GoodWE makes a 100 MW supply deal with the GS Global

In recent years, many partnerships have risen as different companies partner to co-invent and supply amazing products and technologies. GoodWe, a PV Inverter and Energy Storage Solutions manufacturer, has made a 100MW supply partnership with GS Global. Its key mission is to bring its HT Series ranging between 100 to 225kW inverter in South Korea.

GS Global main headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea, and is responsible for operating a world international business network in over thirty regions. It is a popular company that is well-known for conducting in-depth research and development in Korea’s Local Photovoltaic market. And for a while, GS Global has been looking for an innovative inverter firm with which the company can establish a long-term deal.

There have been speculations of which inventor manufacturer GS Global will deal with in their new venture. And this has led to the inclusion of the GoodWe inverter HT Series ranging between 100 to 225kW in the GS Global catalog. What is the function of the inverters? It is a suitable technology for utility projects and solar commercial. It offers at least 12 MPPTs and matches the Bi-Facial modules with a high threshold of the DC Current with a maximum power of 15A for each string.

GoodWe is an innovative company that is available in many countries. Currently, the technology firm has over 2000 employees in fifteen countries. Its reputation is beyond any other company regarding storage inverter. In 2019, GoodWe was named the top storage inverter by the Woos Mackenzie. In addition to that, the company ranked as one of the ten leading best inverter suppliers by the HIS Markit. Besides, GoodWe has received the TUV RHEINLAND All Quality Matters Awards in five consecutive years.

Korea is an important strategic market for the GoodWe manufacturer, where the company delivers world-class products and local services in the country. In an interview with Sangyoon Kim, the GS Global Renewable Energy Department Director, we learn that the company aims to become the number one solution, provider. Other than that, it targets delivering the highest-quality products in the domestic market.

Kim stated that this partnership with GoodWe would come in handy. The company reinforces their products portfolio and gives more opportunities for the government to accelerate the energy transition in South Korea. Many experts and the mass have given well-detailed opinions on this partnership to predict that this venture marks a new start for South Korea. South Korea is likely to make immense progress with the GoodWe and GS Global partnership. It gives opportunities to the two companies to grow and deliver the highest quality products.