American Clean Power Association appoints two new top executives

American Clean Power Association appoints two new top executives

The American Clean Power Association (ACP) has made changes to its leadership team by bringing in two new top executives. The duo joins the green power organization as part of the ongoing transformation to advance the company’s agenda on energy use. Rod O’Connor has been appointed as the new Chief Commercialization and Engagement Officer. He will be in charge of the organization’s long-term research and development policy. O’Connor will head the identification, vetting, and unveiling of new products and services to expand and transform the association’s propositions.

In addition to that, O’Connor will take charge of the Meetings and Education as well as Member Value divisions. Being an experienced policymaker in different sectors, he will help push ACP’s ambition to ensure the US reaches its full potential on energy matters. Previously, O’Connor was part of the team executive producing President Joe Biden’s inauguration and acted as a policy advisor in the presidential transition program. He is the president of ROC Group, where he advises heads of government and company CEOs on business, political, and administration issues.

The other addition to ACP’s leadership is former Ballast Research Partner and vice president, Jason Clark. He joins ACP as the new Chief Strategy Officer. Clark will lead the ACP team to realize the organization’s mission and actualize its vision internally and externally. He will also spearhead ACPs liaison with government agencies, private entities, and other non-profit organizations. All the relationships with other stakeholders in the renewable energy sector will be his responsibility to form alliances that will push America’s clean energy agenda.

At Ballast Research, founded by some ACP’s co-founders, he worked as a top energy consultant. Ballast Research formed the foundation on which ACP was formed. ACP’s Heather Meier, the outgoing Chief Strategy Officer, will hop into the Chief Operations Officer seat to lead the organization in its growth and advancement in financial, human resources, and information technology and operations aspects.

Heather Zichal retains the Chief Executive Officer role in uniting renewable energy companies in America in advancing the countries green ambitions. ACP’s goal is to power the national grid with affordable, reliable, and clean power to benefit consumers. “As we continue to grow the organization and advance our policy priorities, Rod, Jason, and Heather bring incredible talent and experience to the ACP leadership team responsible for setting and meeting our organization’s goals,” said Zichal. ACP projects that the renewable energy capacity in the US will triple over the next thirty years. The organization integrates solar, wind, storage, and transmission companies and manufacturers to transform the country’s clean energy plan.