Fuel Gas Analyzer Market Analysis Growth Opportunities and Trends by Forecast To 2028

Fuel Gas Analyzer Market Introduction

The fuel gas analyzer measures and displays the composition of fuel gas of a boiler heating unit in order to determine if the mixture of fuel and air is in the proper ratio for maximum heat output. It can also measure ambient air quality in buildings or rooms. Fuel gas analyzers are finding wide application in measuring the performance of power generation plant or heating system.

Fuel gas analysis is done using a variety of devices with different features, for instance, some fuel gas analyzers come with printers that help users to quickly and easily create clear reports on the worksite. With rise in emission levels and stringent regulations to control emission is resulting in the increasing demand for fuel gas analyzers, hence, advancements are being made in fuel gas analyzer manufacturers to provide accuracy and quality results.

Fuel Gas Analyzer Market- Notable Developments

  • Orbital Gas System has received orders from SAMSON AG for its GasPTi-F product. SAMSON AG’s client will use GasPTi-F device in order to improve combustion efficiency in its gas-fired burners. The client will also use superior and inferior calorific value to optimize air/fuel ratio.


Founded in 1890, Emerson is located in the US. The company designs and manufactures products and provide services for wide range of commercial, industrial, and consumer markets. The company has two business platforms including commercial and residential solutions, and automation solutions.

Teledyne Analytical Instruments

Established in 1946, Teledyne Analytical Instruments is located in the US. The company manufactures gas and liquid analyzers and the products include detectors, sensors, analyzers, fuel gas monitoring, air separation system, and custom systems for portable and online analysis of liquids and gases.

Nova Analytical Systems

Founded in 1978, Nova Analytical Systems is located in Canada. The company manufactures and designs continues gas analyzers, sample conditioning equipment, and portable gas analyzers for industries and Canada and worldwide. The company provide gas analyzers including NOx analyzer, oxygen analyzer, carbon dioxide analyzer, carbon monoxide analyzer, and other gas analyzers.

California Analytical Instruments

Founded in 1982, California Analytical Instruments is located in the US. The company provides gas analyzers and systems for various industrial, health and safety, environmental, and automotive emission measurement. The company also offers, photoacoustic IR analyzer integrated system such as boiler monitoring, SCR monitoring, and landfill systems.

Some of the most prominent competitors operating in the competitive landscape of global fuel gas analyzer market include –

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Opsis, Drager
  • Servomex
  • Afriso-Euro-Index
  • Mru Instruments
  • Siemens
  • Vasthi Engineers
  • Endee Engineers

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Fuel Gas Analyzer Market Dynamics

Stringent Emission and Environmental Regulations Worldwide

Strict emission and environmental regulations by various regulatory bodies across countries are driving the demand for fuel gas analyzers. Industries are using fuel gas analyzers to measure the concentration of various gases and to adjust burners on boilers to achieve optimal combustion. Moreover, mandatory monitoring of fuel gas emission by various industries is also pushing the demand for advanced fuel gas analyzers.

In order to reduce the emission of pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, sulfur dioxide, and other particulate matter, companies are focusing on installing efficient and easy to install fuel gas analyzer. The use of inline fuel gas analyzer is growing owing to the explosion proof enclosures and weatherproof feature. Also, offering continues emission monitoring of the fuel gas is driving demand for inline fuel gas analyzers. Meanwhile, manufacturers in the fuel gas analyzer market are also developing new analyzers that comply with regulations on measuring air, water, and soil quality in various countries.

Portable and Smart Fuel Gas Analyzers Gaining Popularity across Industries

Owing to the adoption of advanced technologies, manufacturers in the fuel gas analyzer market are focusing on providing portable and smart fuel gas analyzers in order to simplify analysis and get results instantly. Sensors are being integrated in analyzers to accurately measure emission from the industry. However, chances of wear-out of fuel gas analyzers owing to the increased exposure to corrosive gases and high temperature are resulting in the increasing use of IR sensors providing unattended and long-term fuel gas monitoring.

New sensors are being designed to measure range of gas concentration along with the temperature in order to ensure that fuel is not overheated. Meanwhile, portable fuel gas analyzers are also gaining popularity due to the low cost, small size, and no need for permanent integration as these portable analyzers usually perform spot checks at given point of time at a particular location.

High Cost of Fuel Gas Analyzers to Challenge Fuel Gas Analyzer Market Growth

Fuel gas analyzers are expensive owing to the use of multiple analyzers into single instrument, resulting in the complex system. Moreover, many applications today require analysis of more than one gas owing to the various reasons such as more than one gas is critical to the process, this calls for specialized equipment and fuel gas analyzer that are required for analyzing more than one gas, thereby, increasing the cost of the fuel gas analyzer.

Fuel Gas Analyzer Market Segmentation

Based on the gas component, the fuel gas analyzer market is segmented into

  • SOX
  • NOX
  • COX
  • Others

Based on installation type, the fuel gas analyzer market is segmented into

  • Portable
  • Inline

Based on the application, the fuel gas analyzer market is segmented into

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Cement Plants
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Metals

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