Cropped Sensor Camera Market 2017 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities, Forecast 2025

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Cropped sensor cameras comprise a growing sector within the global photography and cameras market due to growing acknowledgment of their particular benefits in increasingly popular sectors. The photography market has exhibited steady growth over the years due to the steady popularity of the medium recreationally. Moreover, in recent years, the rise of social media has made photography more important than ever before to global economic dynamics, thanks to the deeper impact it can have on sociopolitical dynamics. The cropped sensor market is thus likely to exhibit rapid growth in the coming years due to the rising interest of individuals in photography and the growing availability of commercial channels for enthusiasts.

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Cropped sensor cameras contain a sensor that is smaller than the conventional 24 mm X 36 mm camera lens. The magnitude by which it is smaller is represented by the crop factor of the camera sensor, i.e. a camera sensor with a crop factor of 1.5 produces images that would need to be magnified 1.5X to obtain images fitting the conventional camera settings. The growing popularity of diverse parts of the photography sector is likely to drive production of several camera technologies, driving demand from the cropped sensor camera market.

Global Cropped Sensor Camera Market: Key Trends

The key benefit of cropped sensor cameras lies in photographing objects at a distance, particularly where individual components of the photograph need to be focused upon, even if at the expense of other elements of the scene. Thus, wildlife and sports photography present the natural application avenues for the global cropped sensor cameras market. The growing commercial importance of sports photography, due to the rising popularity of commercial sports events and the rising coverage provided to it by print as well as online media outlets is thus likely to be a key driver for the global cropped sensor camera market in the coming years.

The rising popularity of wildlife tourism among urban individuals is also likely to provide a vital boost to the global cropped sensor camera market. Steady awareness efforts by wildlife conservation organizations across the world have also helped boost the popularity of wildlife tourism, as the steady stream of revenue provided by tourism represents a major hope for wildlife conservation in many parts of the world. This is likely to remain a key driver for the cropped camera sensor market, as exotic wildlife destinations such as Africa and Asia are becoming increasingly accessible for affluent consumers from developed Western countries.

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Global Cropped Sensor Camera Market: Market Potential

The key to success of the cropped sensor camera market lies in the rapid proliferation of the photography market in developed areas. An increasing number of individuals, particularly in urban areas, are getting interested in photography. This has been a key driver for the cropped sensor camera market, as cropped sensor cameras represent the best value for money for photography amateurs. Full frame cameras provide advantages in landscape, architecture, and wide-angle photography, which is why they are preferred by photography professionals. They are also more expensive than cropped sensor cameras, which could help drive the growth of the cropped sensor market in developing urban centers.

Global Cropped Sensor Camera Market: Geographical Dynamics

The global cropped sensor camera market is led by North America due to the widespread presence of the photography market in the U.S. The strong presence of leading camera manufacturers and the growing popularity of photography among citizens in North America is also likely to be a key driver for the cropped sensor camera market in the region.

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