Pentagon Inspector General Investigations on the US Space Command move to Alabama

Pentagon Inspector General Investigations on the US Space Command move to Alabama

The Space industry has been facing some storms in the United States after the US Space Command moved its headquarters to Alabama from Colorado. This news piece was not taken lightly, with many questioning the Air Force’s decision to move. In the recent reports, it is confirmed that the Defense Department’s inspector general is in charge of investigating how the Air Force took the decision. Were the intentions behind the move general, or is there another motive behind the current situation?

Via a memo from the Inspector general’s office, the subject evaluation officially begins in February 2021. Randolph Stone, the assistant inspector general in a statement in the notice, claimed that the Inspector General (IG) will review the basis for choosing Huntsville, Alabama, as the United States Space Command headquarters’ best permanent location. The Investigation team will determine several factors.

One of the critical factors is where the selection process complied with the DoD and Air Force policies. The next step involves determining whether the selection team used the relevant scoring factors and objectives to rank the candidates. Finally, the team will calculate all the scoring factors, especially the cost, to determine if Alabama was the best choice among the candidates.

In a statement from Rep. Doug Lamborn on February 19, he stated that he requested this investigation a while back. Doug and all the Colorado congressional delegation wrote a letter on the same to Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary. In the letter, the team asked Biden’s administration to look into the matter. The coalition urges the new administration to review the US Space Command headquarters move since they consider the move to have been politically motivated.

Lawmakers claim that after months of evaluation during the selection process with six candidates, the final best choice was in Colorado Springs. The headquarters was to remain in the Peterson Air Force Base. However, with a conversation from Barrett, former Air Force Secretary, Alabama was given the top position. The team claims that Barrett was working under former president Trump to recommend Alabama as the top choice. They also went ahead to claim that the move is a gift to Trump’s political allies. Secretary Barrett announced the recent movement on January 13 before resigning the next day.

Some senators from Colorado expressed their happiness regarding President Biden’s administration decided to look into the case. The senators went ahead to express their concerns on the move, including the security risks and economic vitality. US Space Command was born in 2019 August as the 11th combatant command. And its future headquarters will have access to 1,400 civilian and military personnel.