How satellite imagery is aiding precision agriculture to move to new heights

How satellite imagery is aiding precision agriculture to move to new heights

Since the first space study, experts keep inventing ways that space study can improve people’s lives. From Indian crop insurers to Australian dairy farms, satellite imagery is doing wonders. With the blending of geospatial data and innovative solutions, global agriculture is becoming smarter and more sustainable.

Using satellite imagery in the agriculture ministry is not a new technology since organizations have been using space images to invent sustainable land use since 1972. However, for a long time, what these studies could help in the Agriculture settings was limited. Why not when there are problems with resolving the images and the inability to determine its full potential.

Zara Khan, director of business development in Planet, spoke of how Agriculture has benefited from satellite technology since an early age. However, the difference between now and then is that experts have found ways to integrate the innovations in the agriculture sector and satellite imagery. In his statement, you can pinpoint that Zara refers to precision agriculture. Experts incorporate innovative technology such as machine learning, satellite imagery, robotics, and remote sensing in everyday agriculture practices.

With this approach, precision agriculture gives opportunities to ensure efficiency, but making data and technology work together is a problem. In the recent past, different companies have risen to help make data integration successful and make sure that customers can benefit fully from satellite imagery.

The difference between the old days and now is that customers can seek agriculture advice to help them make the right Agriculture practices choices. Farmers cannot make blind moves without knowing what they are getting into and the expected results. Companies such as EOfactory points out a solution that ensures you achieve excellent precision agriculture.

There are questions and things that customers find unclear and difficult to decide. Pasture.IO is an example of a real-life situation where satellite imagery and innovative technologies can solve a problem. It involves a constellation of satellites whose main mission is to help dairy farmers develop pasture challenges. With the right monitoring and detailed overview, the system will enable customers to make tactical management include other decisions.

Satellite imagery in collaboration with other technologies gives you precise ideas of what to input at what time and the results to expect. It is a reliable way that customers can use to ensure that a farm’s input doesn’t outrun the outputs leading to loss. Satellite Imagery is the Agriculture sector’s future, and it is no secret, Economic and social sustainability is impossible without environmental sustainability.