Hawaii Residents Experienced a Blue UFO which eventually crashes into the sea

Hawaii Residents Experienced a Blue UFO which eventually crashes into the sea

The fact that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did not report an unusual aircraft incidents means that there are high chances that the glowing blue blob was an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). It streaked across the sky at night before crashing into the sea, Oahu, Hawaii. The event took place on 29th Dec at around 8:30 p.m. local time.

It was visible from the ground, confirmed by people from the Earth’s surface. Their words and some clips that a section of its audience recorded show a blue flying object. On YouTube, there was footage of blue light, but they were blurry and shaky. FAA intervened after the reports and even 911 calls to investigate the UFO sighting. Its officials didn’t solve the mystery. After all, there were no records of any accident or incident with even a single aircraft around that particular time.

Everyone had different thoughts about the source of the blue light. Some of them thought it was an LED hence no need for concern since it is benign. Others let their imaginations go wild, suggesting that it could be a crash of an alien’s aircraft. Moriah was one of the people who saw it first-hand. According to her explanation, the 38-year old saw it whizz over Princess Kahanu Estates, Oahu. Its length was similar to that of a telephone pole, and the color was bright blue. She and her family jumped into the car and started following it. All along, they were filming it, but after 5 kilometers equivalent to 3 miles, it crashed into the sea.

An officer didn’t take long to arrive after they called 911. It is around that time that her husband spotted yet another light. According to what Moriah saw, the second one was white and also smaller than the previous one. However, both of them were coming from the same direction. As a result of a mountain not far from there, it was hard to trace it once it disappeared. There is no additional information regarding this, even from the local police.

Nevertheless, one can’t say without any fear of contradiction that it was a UFO. After all, many are times when the likes of Venus, lightning, balloons, and missile tests are mistaken for UFOs. Besides, often are times when people mistake natural objects for human-made objects and vice versa. Regardless, it was a great way of ending 2020 as far as UFO sightings are concerned. So, whether that happens in 2021 is something that all we can do is wait and see.