The everlasting space legacy of Trump

The everlasting space legacy of Trump

Perhaps the most unblemished aspect of his reputation would be Trump’s space successes. Even those who do not agree with the larger politics of his presidency cannot deny that the top-level emphasis he placed on space has advanced the country’s priorities. “Space is going to be among the most essential issues we have ever done,” Trump stated in May, as he graced the first crew launch in over a decade from American soil. “I was able to put it up there along with 280 federal magistrates, two magistrates of the highest court.”

After surveying James Vedda, a senior policy advisor at the Centre for Space Policy and Strategy at the Aerospace Corporation; Brian Weeden, director in charge of program planning at Secure World Foundation; as well as John Logsdon, who is the founder of George Washington University Space Policy Institute, that is likely last for his tenure in office for the Trump’s space initiatives.


The moon mission, named after Apollo’s twin sister, will be with us for a long time. The Obama administration directed NASA to be able to land space explorers on the asteroid. Still, Trump changed tack and seems to have solidified the main priority of a long-term stay on the surface of the moon. In Congress, the initiative has broad bipartisan support as well as a lot of buy-in from multinational allies. However, Trump’s deadline to start the mission in 2024 is considered impractical and is likely to be discarded.

Space Force

After more than 70 years, the first major military division is not moving anywhere, and neither is the United States Space Force, which was resurrected in 2019 by Trump. With bipartisan approval, Congress enforced the Space Force legislation, and it would take an immense amount of political resources to reverse it. I assume they will survive,” Vedda stated of the latest military space agencies.” “It’s the stuff that possibly would have come along, but he definitely accelerated it up a bit.”

National Space Council

All three policy experts commended Trump for re-establishing the White House forum behind a range of Trump orders ranging from cutting trade controls to creating nuclear propulsion for exploring space. They also encouraged future governments to follow their example by encouraging the cooperation of various country sections. The Biden group has not yet revealed its National Space Council ambitions, but Vedda predicted that it “has a strong chance to stick around.”


Under this administration, the drive to cut restrictions didn’t begin, but the Trump’s second presidential space order “really pushed them through,” Weeden added. Logsdon noted that the “implementation into the greater context of private industry space activity” was a significant victory for the Trump White House.