Fuad Al-Qrize, a living success story

Fuad Al-Qrize, a living success story

You may think that achieving success may require a lot of time and many years of hard work, and sometimes it may require a miracle. This is not the whole truth. The story of a Yemeni young man who achieved remarkable success in just a few years and whose fame reached the world is the proof. Fuad Al-Qrize proved that by insisting on working on dreams and believing in them to turn them into reality, it is possible and anyone who believes in his dreams can achieve them. Fuad, the producer, musician, author and scriptwriter, is a living example of the ability of young people to achieve dreams.


Fuad started his career in producing television shows and writing scripts at an early age. He worked with big names in the field. He learned a lot from them and gained and refined his experience through continuous work with passion to achieve his dreams. His creative style impressed those around him until he became one of the most important names in the field.

Meanwhile, Fuad also wrote many valuable books in several fields and published most of them free of charge, as he believes in the community, and aim to support it in various ways, this is one of the goals he seeks, and the question that arises here, where did he find the time to do all of that, the answer may be strange, as he also found time to do one of his most beloved hobbies, which is music. He is a professional musician. He released many musical albums, one of these works, called “Sada Al Madhi” which was later produced as a television show that met with great success and the admiration of all who saw it.


Today, Fuad is one of the known names when it comes to producers and musicians. His incredible set of shows, books and music make him a known face in his circles and fans.

It’s worth mention that Fuad is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Amas Productions since October 2018 and has been its chief operating officer (Yemeni Artists Syndicate in Ibb, Yemen) since 2009.  He has been awarded “Cultural Shield” and “Loyalty Shield” by the Governor of Ibb city and Culture Office, and Shield of Keeping on Literary and Artistic Heritage, Ibb city, Yemen.