50 Africa-Based NGO Foundations Partner With UNITED AFRICA COIN  Organization To Launch The “Donate Crypto Today” Initiative

50 Africa-Based NGO Foundations Partner With UNITED AFRICA COIN Organization To Launch The “Donate Crypto Today” Initiative

This will be Africa’s largest crypto exchange system by sheer volume which will significantly impact the whole African nation by increasing the overall access to financial services.


July 23, 2021 – UNITED AFRICA COIN (UAC) – The mission of UNITED AFRICA COIN (UAC) organization is to utilize blockchain technology to launch a new digital payment gateway which allows UAC donations to directly come through the system without any intermediaries or government involvement which only slows down the process and causes more fees. The system utilizes a coin if not then a unified currency that can be transferred globally to a multitude of currencies within a short amount of time that costs a fair fee. United Africa Coin has collaborated with 50 different charities working for Africa to help people make a passive income in order to enrich their lives and enhance their finances. These charities will gain 3% of all coin transactions.  This assistance will be processed as charitable donations by receiving interest by placing a virtual HOLD on the coin and see its value grow within an expectantly short time frame. The reason for this system is to create a decentralized currency for the whole of Africa to end the abuse of power and end poverty. Time to start income independence and attain financial freedom as a result of UNITED AFRICA COIN. The main vision is to truly help 1.2 people of Africa have access to fresh food, high-quality education, state-of-the-art health-care, contemporary homes, one-of-a-kind hotels, ensure better careers, and higher stock value. UNITED AFRICA COIN is contributing to financially succeeding and economically winning in innumerable ways through global portal revenues by creating a mobile passive income stream for gaining digital assets that are legitimate investments.


There are numerous reasons why UNITED AFRICA COIN is a prosperous, one-of-a-kind business that plans to create a decentralized state by bridging the gap between the rich and the poor in Africa. The aim is to end poverty and hunger in Africa by operating on a larger community-focused scale by monetizing a community-driven digital asset. The strict economic policies have decreased the value of national currencies. In turn, inflation occurred and people started using foreign currencies instead. To remove this crucial issue and reach an ultimate resolution UNITED AFRICA COIN created a new currency that doesn’t require a crate to buy a loaf of bread in Africa. Now, Africans can proudly use their own currency without any losses and with more wins. A million people can finally have  all the essentials and non-essentials they rightfully deserve and need. UNITED AFRICA COIN see the enormous growth potential for incredible investing opportunities, money saving possibilities, sending money across borders, and starting businesses for all of Africa.


UNITED AFRICA COIN’s case study on Zimbabwe shows the various effects of national inflation. In Zimambwe there are critical matters that must be resolved immediately. In Zimabwe, US dollars are worth much more than its local currency. The local currency tremendously and tragically went downhill to the point that the whole country turned into a barter economy due to its serious poverty crisis. In Zimambwe, money is currently deemed useless and people have turned back to the stone-age method of exchanging agriculture produce for a haircut. Anyone who saved money lost almost everything  overnight, unless he/she was quick to exchange it with a foreign currency. UNITED AFRICA COIN aims to improve lives by reducing impoverishment and enhancing people’s financial opportunities. UNITED AFRICA COIN will surely remove destitution for good with its new digital currency. UNITED AFRICA COIN has an easy-to-use system where minimum equipment is needed. All the utilities required are simply a smart device and an internet access to make a donation or money transfer. This creates space for more time-efficient and cost-efficient payment method that includes domestic fees which cost much less than international fees. All transactions are fast and efficient to ensure people get what they need when they need it.


UNITED AFRICA COIN works on an eco-friendly Binance platform. Binance staking helps international virtual assets through an e-commerce portal. UNITED AFRICA COIN staking is rapidly becoming a practice of financial gain through a passive income stream that is accessible for all Africans and people worldwide. The process is methodically done by storing or locking funds in a virtual wallet for both individuals as well as institutional investors. The benefits of staking in cryptocurrency generates rewards by holding the coin on any exchange platform or portal to generate passive income. In a decentralized world, this is a safe and secure method that’s more fast and efficient than classic crypto mining.


There are multiple quantifiable benefits to staking with UNITED AFRICA COIN. There is no  costly hardwire, hardware, paperwork, or any equipment required. The only requirement is to hold the bitcoin as the main holder for a specific time period for any exchange be it national or global which is cost-efficient. The easiest and safest way to gain passive income for stake holders is to earn incentives by independently holding and controlling their digital wealth. There are a standard stake protocols as seen on Anime Cash’s higher transaction outputs and lower fees which ensures a sufficient amount of scalability.  Stake blockchains are eco-friendly because they have little to no carbon footprint and have almost none environmental and ecological effects. Proof of Stake (PoS) take blockchains are inexpensive and less-energy consuming platforms with no particular expensive hardware requirements. PoS is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly as well. So stake holders can easily earn passive income with UNITED AFRICA COIN in order to gain financial freedom. The biggest concern in the modern world is digital security and privacy. Now, with Anime Cash there is a highly swift and stable smart contract specifically made for users to effectively start stacking cryptocurrency in a sustained environment that is supported by UNITED AFRICA COIN.


The transparency of UNITED AFRICA COIN as an organization is unmatched with its complex string of mathematical numbers that are impossible to alter in any way, shape, or form. The reliability of UNITED AFRICA COIN is unequalled with its unique SOXY record-keeping systems that enables each new transaction to be encrypted and linked to its previous  transaction. UNITED AFRICA COIN has a supply of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens. The token platform is Binance-compliant and the TYPE is BEP-20. The funds allocation process is 9% of the total transaction is charged as a fee where this fee is equally distributed in 3 parts. The equal division consists of 3% staking funds directed to a Liquidity Pool. Then 3% distributed to Charity and 3% distributed as Rewards for a Token Holder. The unparalleled purpose of this project is to genuinely help 1.2 billion people in all aspects of their lives. The never-before-seen security of this coin 50% of its stake held by 50 different charities. The unprecedented noble cause of this coin will start a life-changing revolution that is free from government involvement to ensure high liquidity. From gaining fair asset prices and market stability to gaining technical accuracy and faster transactions. UNITED AFRICA COIN will create countless possibilities through blockchain to impact all African’s lives through powerful initiatives that brings increase in innovation and investment across all of Africa.

For more information, please visit https://unitedafricacoin.com/