A virtual church called the Church of New Enchantment for “Christian Witches” opens its doors

Heart and Soul of the Christian movement for witches, lightworkers, and empaths.

It is an organization inspired by Rev. Peter Sousa, a member of the New Mystical Christianity Movement. It was not only a spiritual movement that Rev Peter felt was needed, but also a home for advocacy and understanding of the growing population of “Christian Witches”.


Rev Peter explains, ” I realize there is a stigma of the title “witch” and a modern-day practitioner is not at all what the Bible is referring to. We hope to not only clarify these sensitive views in Christianity but explain this movement is not to be feared.”


The Church mentions, “The Heart of the Christian Witches, Lightworkers, and Empaths Movement. We consider ourselves within the realm of “New Thought” but do not tie our belief system to other “New Thought” movements.”


Peter further explains, “This is a truly exciting movement for Christianity, we must move forward and adapt as Christians. We also need to take a lot of the “spiritual fears and mistranslations” out of Christian faith”


If you would like to learn more about this movement and the church visit their website or their very active Facebook page.