Javier Fever A multi talented artist

Javier Fever A multi talented artist

Javier Fever is a Puerto Rican artist, singer, songwriter, dancer and actor who currently resides in Florida, United States. At the beginning of his career he participated in several talent contests and won 1st place in almost all of them, he was very young, at 17 Javier uploaded covers on his YouTube account and got thousands of views and countless fans, he always loved music, singing, dancing and acting, has appeared on television several times in interviews, newscasts, entertainment programs and has performed various live performances on major stages

Javier Fever started as a pop artist in Puerto Rico and is now moving on to Reggaeton and other genres
musicals. His first reggaeton song is titled “Te Quiero”.
Javier explained that this melody is very special to him, since it is a song that he wrote when he was deeply in love with a girl that he thought was the one. He was always afraid to tell the girl what he felt for her since he did not want to be rejected and so he ended up writing “I love you”. He never confessed to
the young woman what he felt, but she did manage to express it in a composition.
He started talking about the process of making his own songs, his covers, and producing them himself. Javier told us that when he did his own music studio, everything became much easier for him.

Javier also knows what it is like to be on the big screen in his Country (Puerto Rico) when he had the opportunity to make an appearance in the movie Mi Verano con Amanda 3.

Prior to this, Javier participated 3 years in a row in the Juventud Vibra television competition. A competition that is televised in which many young Puerto Ricans compete in the categories: Dance, Singing, Imitation and Musicals.

If you want to know more about Javier Fever, you can follow him through his social networks and learn about his music.