FACEMADE Gua Sha|Five minutes a day to tighten the face and have a clear jaw line

FACEMADE has recently introduced its range of Gua Sha beauty and personal care products that can help to enhance one’s beauty. It offers a simple range of products that anyone can use for self-care that can be done easily at home. Massage using this set of FACEMADE gua sha instruments helps to reduce stress and tension while also promoting relaxation in the mind and body.

  1. Scratch the forehead first.

Apply scraping cream, starting from the middle of the forehead to ending at the temples, the angle between the scraper and the skin is less than 15 degrees;

  1. Around the eyes:

The upper eye socket is inside and out, the scraper is first upright, and then straight and flat. Scratch the upper eye sockets just fine, slow it down! light!

Lower eye socket: From the inside to the outside, the scraping board first stands upright, and then pulls it smoothly.

  1. Cheeks (no scraping is allowed, pressure should be applied in the technique, but the skin should not be pulled too much)

From the upper part of the nose to the outside of the cheeks, to the temples. From the side of the nose to the ears;

  1. Around the mouth, from the upper lip to the corners of the mouth, and from the lower lip to the corners of the mouth;
  2. Nose and mouth:

Yintang——The tip of the nose, the technique should be light, don’t show the sha;

  1. Lower jaw:

Using the corners of the scraper, scrape the cheeks up and down to the front of the ears.



FACEMADE is a beauty and personal care product brand that offers high-quality and guaranteed personal care products. It offers to provide a healthy beauty lifestyle to people and provides the best items for personal collection. It offers a wide range of Gua Sha tools for the eyes, face, and body to enhance one’s natural attractiveness.


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