The Catholic Imagination in the Americas New York Fashion Week 2021

The Catholic Imagination in the Americas New York Fashion Week 2021

The fashion presentation inspired by the Virgin Mary during the Corona Virus Pandemic.


Honoring more than four and a half million victims of the disease worldwide.

Was introduced during New York Fashion Week September 11 as a virtual event following a presential fashion show scheduled for February 12, 2022.

Designer Gabriella Lorenzo Bartolo A 24-year-old girl, originally from Acatlán Guerrero, Mexico, was selected to introduce the first images of the event. The creator of the Cataleya brand, who left her town to the city of Chilpancingo to study and get ahead.

From a humble family, she financed her studies by selling the embroideries that her mother sent her, she modeled the embroidery, among which the Acateca costume that represents the flora and fauna of Guerrero stands out.

Acatlan, Guerrero is a place full of tradition, history and culture. This town is located in the municipality of Chilapa de Alvarez.

Among its most popular traditions is the typical Acateca costume.

A costume full of history, tradition and creativity. In the Acatlán community there are around 500 artisans. They all make skirts, blouses and traditional shawls, with a touch of modernity and color.

The objective is that the tradition can be preserved, without losing the natural essence of these garments. And this time she will be present at the event “Heavenly Bodies, Catholic Imagination in the Americas” this time inspired by artisan work in America, always seeking to publicize the Acateca embroidery made 100% by hand by her and other artisans of her people, such as Gudelia, Nanciana, her friend Mireya, and a whole team of collaborators, in addition to benefiting her community by employing them, he says that he would like to one day work in collaboration with major brands such as VERSACE and magazines such as VOGUE among others and to be able to merge Mexican fashion and culture through embroidery.

Also participating is Nigeria designer DHABRI- KHENCHY’ – a full-sized craft & fashion designer engaged in the promotion of high profile fashion for the development of Culture, Lifestyle, and Tourism in Africa.

Promotions for the event began during New York Fashion Week in September 2021 by producer and photographer Victor Quinteros

Who previously presented Alberto Lopez Gomez with great success and who will soon present the artisan Miguel Angel Sosme Campos also from Mexico and several designers from Central, South America and Spain as well

This introduction is of great importance since it reflects the collaboration of the Mexican artisan and viceroroyal styling to present and promote one of the most important events within the fashion week in New York, virtually this season September 2021 and face-to-face in February 2022.

With the strength that and devotion that go hand in hand with the image of the Virgin Mary

In these times of pandemic as a tribute to the souls of those who left in a latent manifestation of Christianity and fashion at a time when the message of getting closer to God unites more and more Hispanics and Latinos in general here in America.

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