United Africa Coin Becomes One of the Leading Climate-Focused Cryptocurrency Organizations

United Africa Coin Becomes One of the Leading Climate-Focused Cryptocurrency Organizations

Cryptocurrency Holders Can Now Donate to Save the Planet and End Deforestation


The non-profit community of charities have joined forces with United Africa Coin (UAC) to plant trees and change lives for the future with crypto. These environmental charities have come onboard because they care about our ecological footprint and its devastating impact on our planet. The charities involved in this partnership are as follows, Gauteng Muslim Shura Council, South Africa Justice Forum, Tembisa West, Movement for social change, S Ngobese Foundation, Devine Community, TCC Youth Development, Sakhesizwe (home based), Alexander foundation choir, Moja Africa, Mayibuye Itheater, Sakhisizwe support group, Sewula community project, Futhi community project, Sabrina nyongo S.G Tembisa Muslim community, Helping Hands Support Group, Bravery Community, Life Empowering Community Development, The Well of the Living Support Group, and many more.

United Africa Coin along with the Charities are advocating for the reduction of local greenhouse gases emissions by 60%. The innovative collaborative solution is to plant 1200,000,000 trees and encourage crypto holders to care about climate change. Africa is a highly dense population which makes plant ing more trees in the back and/or front yard a seamless possibility.


United Africa Coin is prepared to partner with likes of Global Citizens to solve the climate crisis. Global Citizen has been doing a remarkable job in saving our planet and fighting extreme poverty in Africa and across the globe.  All of these issues are very dear and near our hearts. At United Africa Coin, our initiative is to help those people that need it the most which is the core reason for our existence. Our Mission is to encourage people to donate via cryptocurrency to plant trees and save lives. Our vision is to end poverty in Africa once and for all. We at United Africa Coin (UAC) aim to build an all inclusive digital economy through innovative solutions and platforms.

For more information, please visit www.unitedafricacoin.com