Rugged Handheld Device Market Size (Value and Volume), Future Potential Of Industry 2028

Global Rugged Handheld Device Market: Snapshot

As the name suggests, rugged handheld devices are made for functioning in rough and tough environments and industrial conditions. The overall demand for these rugged handheld devices is growing day by day because of the huge popularity of Android OS. Most of the devices in the market work on this operating system. High durability and low downtime are the most important benefits offered by these rugged handheld devices.

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Some of the key developments in the global rugged handheld device market are listed below:

  • In May 2019, Handheld Group, an industry leader in the global rugged handheld device market, announced that the company will continue the production and support of the NAUTIZ X8 ultra-rugged handheld computer. This device has an operating system called the Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH). The NAUTIZ X8 rugged handheld device is specially designed for functioning in the tough and rougher environments and works on WEH version 6.5. The company announced that it will continue its support at least till the end of 2021 compared to Microsoft’s announcement of discontinuing support after January 2020.
  • In February 2019, Handheld Group announced that the company has joined hands with ACEL GENESYS. ACEL GENESYS is a French company with expertise in the integration of ATEX solutions. The French company is trying to expand its range rugged handheld mobile devices by partnering with Handheld Group. This partnership will lead to the formation of service centers that will offer verification of equipment, custom made integration of business apps, and post-sales repairs and maintenance for the customers.

Global Rugged Handheld Device Market: Overview

Global rugged handheld device market could already be well worth over a billion dollars. And going forward, the market could clock steady growth to further increase its value owing to a lot of reasons. One of them could be the healthy competition egging nimble companies to explore various means to grow their market share. This is because the market is moderately fragmented owing to the presence of several players. They are seen focusing on increasing their geographical outreach and customer base. They are also seen focusing on diversifying their product portfolios. To that end, many of them are seen banking upon strategic collaborations.

Global Rugged Handheld Device Market: Drivers and Restraints

Rugged handheld device, as the name suggests, can withstand rough use in tough environments and industrial settings. The demand in the global rugged handheld device market would rise mainly due to the surging use electronic components in military applications. Another factor believed to be fuelling the global rugged handheld device market big time is the increasing popularity of Android OS. Most of them are seen adopting rugged devices. Technology bigwig Panasonic, for example, has launched its Android-based rugged device that is already being used in a range of industries. Those include emergency services, manufacturing, retail and hospitality, and transport and logistics.

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In the near term, the global rugged handheld device market is expected to be buoyed by the unique perceived benefits of the devices. Foremost among them is their low downtime and durability.

Posing a challenge to the global rugged handheld device market is the reduced number of orders from individual users. This is mainly because of the steep price of rugged electronics and the relatively less scope for customization.

Despite such challenges, the global rugged handheld device market is predicted to rise because demand for IoT-based rugged handheld devices.

Global Rugged Handheld Device Market: Trends and Opportunities

The different types of products available in the global rugged handheld devices market are semi-rugged handheld devices, ultra-rugged handheld devices market, and fully-rugged handheld devices. Among the three, the semi-rugged devices would could lead the market by clocking maximum sales. This is because of the widespread availability of semi-rugged handheld devices. The global rugged handheld device market is mainly being driven by the demand from the commercial, industrial, military, and government.

Global Rugged Handheld Device Market: Regional Analysis

With respect to geography, North America has a high degree of probability of being a frontrunner in the global rugged handheld device market. This is because of the presence of many key players in the region. This has led to higher production of devices and better versions too. Europe could be another prominent rugged handheld device market for the same reason as North America is. In the near term, Asia Pacific is projected to emerge as a promising rugged handheld device market.

Global Rugged Handheld Device Market: Competitive Landscape 

Prominent participants in the global rugged handheld device market are Handheld Group, Datalogic, Panasonic, Honeywell International, and Zebra Technologies. Most of these companies seem to have progressed on the back of product development and strategic collaborations.

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